If there is anything I probably do not have enough of, it is patience.

While talking over the phone last night with the girl who I mentioned in post #1, I mentioned to her about how I was hustling hard at the Real Estate basketball tournament to try and meet as many people as possible. I told her I wanted to get this career started off sooner, rather than later. After telling me that I’ve been patient with her for the past five months, she told me it might take a bit for my career to take off. Once again, patience is not something I have a whole lot of- which is why I’ve considered careers from everything from a Navy SEAL, to a firefighter (as of a couple of weeks ago), careers which are action-oriented. Real Estate is action-oriented too, provided you get your deals done.

After volunteering all day at the real estate basketball tournament, I did realize that these are the type of people I want to be around. Type A, competitive, networking-oriented, talking about buildings, and deals, and growth. Yes, there’s a lot of learning to be done (think 80 to 90 hours a week) but I think I’ve finally pinpointed the industry where I want to do it.

Now I know what I want to do, but how can I structure my day-by-day to be more efficient? I have read David Spinks’s post on the power of a routine, and thought about doing pushups, situps, dips, every day. Will it be easier once I get settled in a career? Yes, but the question is, how do I do that now? I’m still all over the place, and honestly, it is hurting my everyday effectiveness.

What does everyone else do routine-wise? How do you keep a healthy mind and healthy work life, even while unemployed? Even better, how many of you used to take some kind of ADD medicine (like myself) then got off of it, because it messed up your routine a bit?

How do you practice patience, in (potential, maybe) relationships, and work?


2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Hey Adam –

    I posted a draft in 100 x 100 that’s all about the habits that I’ve recently incorporated. The tldr for me was protect time in the morning to do a few things consistently. I wrote, exercised, cooked, read, created, got addicted to coffee and some other stuff. It takes some time to become habit, but I feel physical pain when I deviate from it now.

    Happy to talk more about it if you think it’d be helpful.

    • Yeah Tony, I read it. It was good stuff. A lot of things resonated with me. It’s been a 3 year process for me, that I’m trying really hard to figure out. I haven’t yet become comfortable with myself yet.

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